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Celebrating international day of the midwife with Amanda Ord, a midwife at The Northumbria hospital

Friday, 04 May, 2018
Celebrating international day of the midwife with Amanda Ord, a midwife at The Northumbria hospital

To celebrate #IDM2018 on 5 May, Amanda Ord, a midwife in the Birthing Centre at The Northumbria hospital, talks about the role she plays…

I love being a midwife and being part of a woman’s journey into motherhood. I consider it a privilege to do the job I do and feel it’s really important to celebrate International Day of the Midwife to champion our role.

Personally, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Every day is totally different and brings its own challenges and outcomes. I care for women in the final stages of their pregnancy, during labour and immediately after they have given birth. Throughout, I carry out assessments and observations to make sure mum and baby are well and give the best care I can.

While we do rotate to work on our post-natal ward caring for woman and new-born babies before they go home, there’s a real buzz about being on the labour ward. It can be hard but there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by some many new mums and new hope.

It’s fantastic that more and more women from a larger geographic area are choosing to have their baby with us since we opened the Birthing Centre and we now deliver more than 3,000 babies a year.

It’s really busy and on a shift I can deliver up to three babies.

There’s a lot more to pregnancy and giving birth than just the physical bits. As much as that it’s about making women feel safe and cared for. As such, as far as we can, every woman will have the same midwife caring for them during their labour. If a woman can develop a relationship with a single midwife it really helps to improve their birthing experience and can lead to a quicker labour and fewer interventions. That bond is unique and very special.

While my role is centred on the woman, we try our best to involve the dads too and it’s great that at The Northumbria hospital they’re able to stay over with their partners.

I have now been a midwife for three and a half years and I decided to enter the profession at an early age. I come from a big family and with lots of babies being born when I was growing up, I was fascinated and intrigued by how a woman’s body grows and changes to have a baby.

I trained in Durham however being from Bedlington I always wanted to return to this area to work.

When I had my first child – a baby boy named Zane – last June there was no other place I would have delivered him than the Birthing Centre because I had total confidence in the midwives looking after me and knew I would be in safe hands. Here all women can be rest assured that they’ll receive the best care.

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