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Call for Valneva vaccine trial volunteers

Friday, 21 May, 2021
Call for Valneva vaccine trial volunteers

A north east hospital trust is asking for more people to come forward to take part in the latest Covid-19 vaccine study.

Northumbria Healthcare Trust’s North Tyneside General Hospital is one of 27 centres across the UK taking part in the National Institute for Health Research supported Valneva vaccine trial.


Around 150 people have taken part in the Northumbria Healthcare trial so far and have received their first dose of either the Valneva or Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine.


Participants, aged over 30 who haven’t had a Covid-19 vaccine, are needed for Tuesday May 25 and can register and complete a pre-screening questionnaire by visiting


They will receive two active vaccine doses which will be given 29 days apart. Volunteers will be continually monitored to ensure they feel well, see how long the vaccine anti-body remains in their body and to also monitor their body’s immune response. This will be done by taking a blood tests on day 43 after the first dose of the vaccine and three more over a 14 month period.


Joe, who is 33 and from Backworth in Newcastle, had his first vaccine dose this week: “A few of my family members work in the NHS and I have seen first-hand how difficult the last year has been for them. Covid-19 has really impacted on me personally too as I have just been furloughed and I am also an amateur athlete and have really missed doing my sport.


“It feels really good to be able to take part in this trial and to help hopefully find another vaccine that will help us prevent this awful disease from disrupting our lives. The vaccine is our way out of this awful situation and I encourage others to take part in this trial. The way it is managed is fantastic and you are well informed and looked after.”


Northumbria Healthcare carries out hundreds of clinical research trials every year, ranging from surveys and vaccine trials to more complex studies involving trialling medicines or new ankles, hips or breathing devices. The Valneva study is the first trial being done in the trust’s newly refurbished and dedicated clinical research department.


Peta Heslop, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s head of clinical research and clinical research nurse manager, said: “Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment and medicine for future generations and I am so incredibly proud that our team is involved in the Valneva trial.


“Everyone has struggled in one way or another over the last year so being able to help to find another vaccine that is going to prevent disruption to lives, worry and distress is something incredible to be part of. I urge people over the age of 30 that haven’t had their vaccine yet to come forward. One of the trials I was involved in 26 years ago helped to develop medicine being used to treat rheumatoid arthritis today. Taking part in a clinical research trial is a fantastic way to be part of medical history.”


Click here to hear from Dr Hannah Rank, a clinical research fellow at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Click here to hear from vaccine trial participant, Joe, who is 33 and from Backworth, Newcastle

For further information contact or 07812 389 963.