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The weekend was spent relaxing

Friday, 04 July, 2014
The weekend was spent relaxing

The weekend was spent relaxing. Some of us stayed in the local area, while Nick Bird, Surgical Registrar decided a trip to Kenya was more appealing. So in the morning we parted ways and Nick went off to go camping in the riff valley, as the rest of us set off into Moshi to take a look around. We visited the markets, which were full of vibrant colours and just as varied wildlife. We searched for a few trinkets and had lunch at the coffee house before heading back to soak up the afternoon sun. A special evening had been put on for us by KCMC. So it was back to El Rancho for a buffet dinner with the board of executives including Professor Olumi, Dr Kondo, Dr Swai and some of the Dutch ENT doctors that were visiting. Their project was also looking at long-term training of surgical residents and maybe our common goals relating to improved training will lead to a collaborative effort in the future.

Sunday saw the arrival of the rest of the team. Now we had two new members to add to our fold, Ryan and Dom. A tasty meal and few beverages later the group bonding was complete.