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We arrived at our accommodation at KCMC late in the evening

Tuesday, 02 December, 2014
We arrived at our accommodation  at KCMC late in the evening
At the end of a long journey from the UK on Saturday, we arrived at our accommodation at KCMC late in the evening, and managed to get some rest despite the sounds of Africa – the thrumming of the cicadas, evening birdsong and the local cockerels, which begin to crow at 2am! With a clear blue sky, the team decided to walk into the hospital to distribute knitted gifts of jumpers and blankets for the new babies on the maternity ward. Whilst there, we bumped into Dr Pendo Mlay, a consultant obstetrician, who has worked with the team for many years on the Ultrasound Outreach Project. We were pleased to hear that everything was still going well with the services we had helped to set up in the Hai District, and offered to try and find a company who may be willing to repair an ultrasound machine damaged by power surges. On the wards there were over 70 mothers and new babies and the nursing staff helped identify the mothers who would most benefit from a new outfit for their babies to wear as they prepared to go home. We saw so many beautiful babies and were delighted to meet a Masaai mother with twins, only two days old. With deliveries done, the team of eight set off to walk into town a few kilometres away to stock up on provisions. This involves occasionally jumping into shallow ditches to avoid the speeding dalla dalla minibuses and passing rows of shops selling coffins and roadside vendors selling fruit and vegetables.
When we got back to our accommodation that night, we finished sorting our teaching and training materials ready for an early start the next day.