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Travelling to Kilimanjaro

Friday, 04 July, 2014
Travelling to Kilimanjaro

It took Dr Livingston 3 years to cross Africa and many of those who made their way from Northumbria felt his pain.  Flights departed at 06:30 and the trip to Nairobi passed without event. The flight to Kilimanjaro however saw the battle of commercial air travel vs weather with one clear and obvious winner. After an electrical storm the plane attempted to land at Kilimanjaro airport before the pilot decided Dar es Salam was a better option.

After a 3-hour stay in a hotel we set off to Kilimanjaro for a second time. This time there was clear weather and we landed safely in need of a much-deserved rest.

We soaked up the scorching sun on the drive into Moshi, the roads filled with  motorbikes. We arrived at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) and settled into what would be our home for the next 13 days.  That evening we ventured out to El rancho, the local restaurant for dinner before much needed sleep.