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Supporting your COVID-19 recovery

Monday, 12 October, 2020

We appreciate that recovering from COVID-19 can be a difficult and worrying time for people and their families and carers. We have spoken to a respiratory consultant and a GP to get their advice and insight.

Northumberland GP, Dr Lily Lamb and respiratory consultant, Avinash Aujayeb, from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust share information via video about what those who have had COVID-19 can expect on the road to recovery.

Avinash, discusses how those who have had COVID-19 might be feeling and what to expect they have been in hospital. He also covers the effect this can have on wellbeing and what can be done to help recovery. Avinash talks about dealing with feeling fatigued, anxious and how long recovery is expected to take.

Dr Lily Lamb talks about managing symptoms and recovery at home, mental wellbeing and she also covers what can be done at home to help recovery. Lily explains ways to stay connected, how to manage your oxygen levels and when to seek help.

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