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The importance of kindness and respect

Monday, 10 August, 2020
The importance of kindness and respect

Patrick talks about the importance of kindness and respect in supporting our staff to deliver the best possible care for patients and people who use our services.


He’s worked at the Trust for over 26 years and is now equality, diversity and inclusion lead, a joint post with our partners Northumberland County Council. He explains:


“If we want to be the best provider of care, we recognise that we need to utilise the best of our staff by supporting and encouraging everyone to feel like they belong and have a say in how we work, whatever their role or background.  This helps us to deliver better care and be more innovative.


We have worked hard to create an inclusive culture and our #BetterTogether video recognises the diversity of our staff.


It addresses some of the misconceptions our staff have experienced from patients and other staff while caring and working with patients based on assumptions about appearance, culture, race, disability, gender or sexual orientation. For example,  patients assuming that a white colleague is in charge rather than their black colleague or using the incorrect pronoun with a trans member of staff.


It’s also about recognising the value of people’s differences, creating equal opportunities and being kind and respectful.”


The film is part of a wider call to action to encourage staff and people who use our services to stop making assumptions and commit to making a difference to inclusion and diversity in everything they do.  He adds:


“One thing everyone can do is to educate themselves about different cultures and colleagues experiences and to proactively share their experiences too.


It’s also important our staff feel confident to challenge discrimination wherever they see it whether that is racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. This helps us to be more inclusive for both staff and people we care for.


Never assume, always ask and above all – be kind to each other. Our staff do a brilliant job supporting and caring for people and they are all important.”


You can watch our #BetterTogether here