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Patients assessed for surgery

Thursday, 04 December, 2014
Patients assessed for surgery

Early in the morning the team set off for the hospital to meet the patients. With photos and patient notes in hand, they go around all of the patients who had been triaged on Thursday and Friday, as well as the existing burns patients on the ward. Jeremy and Dr Kondo, head of surgery, discussed each case in turn and Keith the anaesthetist assessed fitness for surgery, including possible obstructions to airways. There were concerns that the electrical burn patient would not be able to open his mouth sufficiently to have the anaesthetic tube safely inserted. However despite his severe injuries he was passed as fit for surgery. His case would be very challenging but it was unlikely that he would survive without surgical intervention. Some children were also assessed and soon a surgical list was drawn up for the week ahead. In the afternoon we visited an old friend, Amina, who runs a local orphan charity and school. After a delicious lunch of rice, cabbage and vegetable stew, all grown in her garden (shamba) we bought some of the crafts and items of clothing made by the charity to support their work. The previous day some of the team had been treated to a visit to the classroom with lots of singing and dancing to welcome them. There is something quite special about 50 schoolchildren throwing themselves enthusiastically into the Macarena, complete with dance moves!