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National Apprenticeship Week - Emma Allison

Wednesday, 10 February, 2021
National Apprenticeship Week – Emma Allison

My name is Emma Allison, I’m 17 and I’m currently doing a Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship, Level 2.


I chose this apprenticeship as I used to work in a hairdresser’s and I loved the customer service side of things. I’ve always wanted to get into the NHS, so I knew this work environment was right for me. I am a chatty and forward person but I use these strengths in a way to get the most out of my apprenticeship, and I knew this would be the right job for me if I used these traits to my advantage.


Luckily for me, I haven’t felt a drastic change in my working environment due to coronavirus, as I began my apprenticeship in November 2020, at that point the country was already in its second lockdown.


Since the beginning of my apprenticeship, I’ve hit personal achievements which have made me feel very proud and made me realise that choosing this scheme was the right thing for me.


Before Christmas, one of my colleagues told me how efficient I am and that I’m a quick learner. Another colleague continuously tells me how I am ‘a breath of fresh air’ and a ‘very positive person’. Not only has this made me realise that my work has been recognised, but these comments also made me feel that I have made an impact in some way, which has improved my confidence in the world of work.


I feel I have taken huge strides within my learning as well, my teachers have used my work as an example for others to follow and to be inspired by. My assessor has told me my first reflective account was great. These again were great morale boosters, and have helped me to push myself further and accomplish more.


My apprenticeship has really helped me to kick start my career, and experiencing it within the NHS has made me realise how much I want to stay within the organisation. Without this opportunity I would never have thought about going into a healthcare environment.


For anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship, I would 100% recommend it. It’ll be the best decision you can make. Learning on the job, receiving hands-on experience, while earning and making a living at the same time is incredibly rewarding. You are in an environment where you aren’t expected to be an expert straight away, you are here to learn and eventually, in your own time and with the right advice and help, you’ll get the hang of how to do the job. You are supported every step of the way.