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The morning began with Nick Bird

Friday, 04 July, 2014
The morning began with Nick Bird

The morning began with Nick Bird (surgical registrar) testing out the new projector in the boardroom with a teaching session on mesh hernia repair. After initial start up problems the facilities worked perfectly and are now comparable to any UK-based IT system. The teaching threw up some interesting discussion points, particularly relating to day case surgery. Our upper GI consultant, Mr Liam Horgan, highlighted the benefits of introducing day case surgery.

We continued to source equipment and tested the pieces with varying success. Our efforts were well rewarded as we were treated to some beautiful sweet tea and cake from nurse Phillimina in CCSD. The frustrations of faulty instruments seemed to dissipate, and refreshed we went to find out where we were up to with the arrival of supplies from the airport near Arusha. After a little time we were informed it was stuck in a warehouse awaiting a stamp from someone. In stepped Dr Kondo, who proved to be a stern negotiator.  Assured of arrival the next day, we set about discussing the option of the mesh being adopted in KCMC. The new mesh, made in China by an associate of RyanGhita (surgical registrar), sterilised in Northumbria and transported to KCMC proved to be well received. Dr Kondo fully supported the use of the mesh, which only costs 1p per sheet, and could revolutionise the number of people who would be able to have affordable surgery known to have better outcomes.

Having promised the patients that dressings would be available by today, there were still no dressings available when Seana visited the burns patients again today. However Veronica and Seana were able to give donated glasses to the ophthalmology department, who were most grateful for all the help and assistance.

After a little digging, Veronica sourced an old blueprint of the kitchens to help with the planned improvements. Faintly drawn on a parchment, and 46 years old, it looked like something more at home in the British library. Work will start on the improvements back home and hopefully all the proposals will be as successful as the laundry service.