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Making progress

Tuesday, 02 December, 2014
The surgical corridor is more congested today and there are now camp beds full of patients up and down all the hospital corridors. Once again the team assess the patients, write down their details and take photographs. Sister Angel, the lead nurse on duty, Meg and Catherine look at the patient with electricity burns. To everyone’s relief, he had a good night’s rest after using the new dressings and they remove easily. This is great progress for burns treatment when compared to the usual method of having to remove gauze by soaking it. However, the team are still concerned that the patient’s injuries are too severe for surgery. Passing casualty, Peter, spots a young tourist being wheeled into the resuscitation area with oxygen attached, it seems he has taken ill on Mount Kilimanjaro and has been brought down from the summit to a lower level too quickly. The group are anxious about their friend being treated in a foreign hospital but Peter stays with them and explains the severity of the patient’s condition and the risks that could occur if he doesn’t comply with hospital treatment. In a different part of the hospital, Jo spent the day with the finance team and I met with the hospital directors. We found out from the supplies department that our shipment of donated dressings had still not been cleared by customs so this means we will have to complete more paperwork.