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Lorelle Dismore from the Research and Development team wants to help you innovate, find out how.

Friday, 04 December, 2020
Lorelle Dismore from the Research and Development team wants to help you innovate, find out how.

Since July 2018 I’ve been developing an innovation infrastructure to manage bright ideas and support staff through the innovation pathway.

Innovation in the NHS is defined as ‘an idea or product, new to the NHS, or applied in a way that is new in the NHS, which significantly improves the quality of health and care wherever it is applied’.

Innovation starts with a bright idea, and can be the development of a product, a process, or the identification of unmet needs in services.

We want staff to know that innovation doesn’t have to be a high-tech device, it can be something simple that helps to improve the quality of patient care and experience.

It’s simply about applying new and better solutions to problems that meet new or existing requirements, that can be defined as use of something original and more effective and as a consequence breaks into the market or society. So, it means doing or creating something that is new in order to grow.

Innovation is of huge importance to the NHS, with benefits for patients as well as staff and their working environments. It helps service transformation, creates a more sustainable health system and key breakthroughs can enable prevention of ill health, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, better outcomes and faster recovery.

By implementing innovation in healthcare, it also creates an additional revenue source for the organisation and efficiency savings within the system, and it’s important for the UK economy, bringing jobs and services.

At Northumbria Healthcare we want every member of staff, at every level and role, to feel that they have the opportunity and voice to be able to share their ideas. I’m here to develop innovation within the organisation and support ideas through the innovation pathway.

This involves making sure that ideas are protected, providing access to market research, building proof of concepts and evaluating commercial potential whilst ensuring relevant agreements are in place.

I’d encourage everyone to get in touch if they think they have identified a problem, a solution or an idea. My role is to have those ideas assessed including whether they have any commercial potential and intellectual property and look at ways to share and spread the innovation.

I would like to run unmet needs workshops so if staff feel there is potential within their clinician areas I encourage them to get in touch. This will involve working with teams to identify problems and look for possible solutions to those problems. Please contact me to discuss your ideas or for further information.