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Liam spent a second day in theatre

Friday, 04 July, 2014
Liam spent a second day in theatre

Liam spent a second day in theatre, watched by Dom, Ryan and the surgical residents. We used the new mesh for the first time while fixing a recurrent inguinal hernia. Unfortunately a last minute cancellation and a difficult first case led to there only being enough time for two procedures. The second was an unfortunate lady who had multiple operations due to an incisional hernia, and she has a high chance of reoccurrence despite our best attempts to correct the defect.

Some of the members finally succumbed to the African flora – not roses, but bacteria. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but sweet is not the word you would use to describe these roses. After the fever had subsided they left the confines of their slumber and slowly began to normalise.

The girls visited a couple of local hospitals. First up was Kiboshi, a 220-bedded hospital that proved a revelation in cleanliness and organisation. Some lessons can be learnt from this place. Onto the next, Mawenzi, a busier hospital, which showed some cracks but had an impressive maternity department. We handed over the knitted presents that were lovingly donated by volunteers at Northumbria Healthcare.

Tonight we had take-out pizza and somehow the boys dragged themselves out of bed and finished off a pizza each. Things were clearly improving.