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Ghana Link -Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and University of Ghana

Friday, 10 July, 2015
Ghana Link -Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and University of Ghana

Homeless people in the North East of England were invited to join members of the Muslim community to share their Ramadan sunset feast on Saturday the 11th July 2015 at the Newcastle Civic Centre.

During Ramadan able Muslims fast and do not consume food or water from dawn until dusk. The practice helps teach self-discipline and to be grateful for all the things we have that those less fortunate do not. It is a time of sharing, caring and charity which is why it was decided to provide and eat a meal together with homeless people.

The initiative was thought up by Irem Haq (Newcastle) who used social medial to get a group together to organise this. 

The event was backed by local charities including Changing Lives, supermarkets and local businesses.  Food, socks, money and toiletries were donated by individuals. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust donated dressings, saline and sterile gauze to go into toiletries packs which included simple necessities we take for granted like soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

The toiletries and dressings were extremely well received and one of attendees who joined us for the meal fed back to the group saying -‘Everyone I spoke to today said it was the best meal they’ve had and for some of us the only proper cooked meal in four days.’

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