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Flowers exhibition at Wansbeck General Hospital

Wednesday, 02 July, 2014
Flowers exhibition at Wansbeck General Hospital

An exhibition by artist Lisa Rippingale has gone on display at Wansbeck General Hospital. The paintings of flowers can be seen in the main corridor towards the education centre. 

When discussing the ideas behind the work, Lisa said “I paint because it makes me feel uplifted and filled with a calm energy. My hope is that this feeling resonates with people looking at my paintings.

“Flowers are a favourite topic because of their vibrant colours and soft shapes. For me, they represent the profusion of life.

“I try to capture this using oil paint on canvas. Oil is a rich paint with glowing colours. Canvas provides a contrasting texture which I like, in places, to leave showing through the paint. In all my work I am interested in how colours vibrate against each other, how shapes are formed by the interaction of the eye and brain, and patterns emerge. The balance of all these factors, in my view, contributes to a successful painting.”

The exhibition is part of the healing arts programme which uses art as a therapeutic medium to improve the hospital environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Lisa said: “Initially painting was a way for me to cope with a time of illness, providing a way to cope with the overwhelming emotions and symptoms involved. Now I’m healthy, painting continues to play a central part in my life for my ongoing wellbeing and pleasure.”

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