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The first day began as it often does in Tanzania

Friday, 04 July, 2014
The first day began as it often does in Tanzania

The first day began as it often does in Tanzania; poli, poli (slowly, slowly). This was hardly surprising considering the recent journey and scorching weather. The team gathered and headed into KCMC (at a suitable pace).  There were familiar faces everywhere and the ubiquitous enthusiasm of the Tanzanian welcome brought a smile to our faces. Our Swahili was quite poor to begin with, but gradually seemed to improve as we were warmly greeted by everybody passing us along the roadside.

Upon arrival to KCMC we set about meeting up with contacts new and old.

Vera in the international office organised, pointing us in the right direction.

Liam and the team found Dr Kondo (Head of Surgery) in theatre, about to become embroiled in a difficult pnuemonectomy case, and old friendships were renewed. The power was off and the theatre was in darkness. The generators are working currently but need to be manually started and this can take quite a while. Needless to say, the consummate professional Dr Kondo was calm and after brief discussion, we left him to his work and went to the laundry room.

Here we found the fruits of labour from years before. Previously they had been washing the bed sheets and hanging them out on lines to dry where they became infested with Mango fly and posed serious infection risks when placed on patient’s beds. After recommendations made last year, the hospital had funded a new calender (big roll press) , for the laundry service. This allowed the steaming and pressing of sheets; a revolution in patient safety and an inspiring reminder that our efforts had bore fruit. Content for the day, we departed home and that night we discussed tactics over dinner.