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Early to rise for the big day

Friday, 04 July, 2014
Early to rise for the big day

Early to rise for the big day. Into KCMC, where the room was set up and the starting time was approaching, with no attendees anywhere to be seen. By now we should have realized that in Tanzania, everything happens at its own pace. Eventually the room was full and it began. A series of well-received lectures kicked off the day. Then after lunch it was onto the afternoon activities and practical sessions. All the participants played at being laparoscopic surgeons with varying levels of success. Towers of sugar cubes were made and many balloons were eviscerated, all in the name of medical education.

Shauna and Veronica, with the aid of Sister Queenie, found eleven out of the thirteen burns patient’s medical records. From this information seven had contact details, which was more than we expected. Now all we needed was an interpreter.

The day was a clear success and with everyone suitably tired it was a quick dinner and off to bed.