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Day three - teamwork

Thursday, 19 November, 2015
Day three – teamwork

It’s a beautiful morning and the burns team use the opportunity to discuss the triage outside in the gardens. Some of the patients had very distressing, worryingly bad burns injuries so at least the beautiful flowers and surroundings outside helped to keep everyone in high spirits to start the day. It was great to watch the different team members, burns nurses, a theatre nurse, surgeon and anaesthetist from all over the world work together (some of whom had only just met for the first time!) to discuss the patients and do their best to deliver care. This is testament to their incredible skills and training.

Dr Kondo arrived around 11am and informed us that two critically ill patients, a husband and his wife, had recently been admitted with 50% burns from an accident involving a petrol explosion. To make matters even worse, Dr Kondo then also further explains that the lady is 26 weeks pregnant. It was clear that these two patients needed urgent care and attention and the burns team rushed to the hospital to see them.

The patients had been taken to ICU and after assessing them, consultant plastic surgeon Mr Jeremy Rawlins said it was clear that the lady needed urgent life-saving surgery and intense care if they were going to make it through the evening. It was incredibly sad to see a young couple lying side by side in hospital in what must be such intense pain. The staff at KCMC hurried around the hospital trying to make plans for the burns team to access a theatre. As this was an emergency case and one that was going to take a very long time, there were no theatres currently available so it was going to be a long wait to get confirmation for the operation to go ahead. However, with the help of the staff, arrangements were made within hours and the team headed straight to theatres to do what they could.

The efforts of both the burns and laparoscopic teams that evening was just phenomenal. Without much advanced warning and little equipment they all set to the very complex task ahead without question and worked right through the evening to do what they could.