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Day six – Meeting Tanzania’s first ever day case patient

Friday, 27 November, 2015
Day six – Meeting Tanzania’s first ever day case patient

We all march along the road up to the hospital carrying huge sacks on our backs of donated equipment and gifts. Kirsty and Adrian have lots of anaesthesia kit to donate to theatres, the nurses have heaps of toys for the children on the surgical ward and Brenda and Emma have lots of knitted blankets and clothing to donate to the maternity ward.

When we distributed the items, the staff and patients at KCMC were absolutely delighted,  and it wasn’t long before  the children on the ward all blowing like crazy on their paper trumpets and the tiny babies were being wrapped up in blankets by their mothers in maternity. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house after seeing how grateful everyone was.

Later, we went with Mr Liam Horgan and Dr Kondo who had been invited to visit the first ever day case patient, Mdenengo, in her home nearby the hospital. After travelling along some very dusty winding roads, we arrived at Mdenengo’s lovely home where she greeted us all with a huge embrace. She looked fantastic!

Mdenengo described how great she felt following her surgery,  and even insisted that she wanted to go the shop to buy us all a drink! We met Medenengo’s mother  And we all had a laugh as she described how she had kept her operation a secret from her mother as they didn’t want to worry her. Usually undergoing surgery in Tanzania, meant days in a hospital bed and feeling unwell. On the morning of her surgery, she’d told her Mother she was simply going to work as usual and would see her later in the day …and she did. Except, rather than working (Mdengo is a nurse at KCMC), she went to KCMC and underwent surgery and was still home in time for tea. When her Mother found out what she had actually been doing that day, she couldn’t believe it.