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Day seven – Community work

Friday, 27 November, 2015
Day seven – Community work

A few of us are on the road up to Kibosho early, heading up Mount Kilimanjaro to the communities that live out in more rural areas. We’re going up to Kibosho school to teach burns prevention and first aid to the local children. This is a really important part of the burns project. Educating children about fire safety and first aid can help to save so many of them from suffering burns injuries in the future and it also empowers them to be able help themselves and others in an accident, which could help save lives. Amina, a local teacher and long-time friend of the Link, joins us to be our interpreter.

KIbosho is a beautiful area, green and lush, and we all feel it’s a really nice place for children to grow up in. When we arrive at the school there are hundreds of children, all dressed in beautiful royal blue coloured uniforms, running around the playground and nearby field.

To help the children understand what Meg and Catherine plan to teach about burns, and to make it a little more fun, Catherine applies lots of make-up to Emma’s arm to make it look like she’s had a really severe burn – it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of Vaseline and face paint! We have lots of props too, like a mini fire made of crepe paper and a mosquito net to demonstrate how easily a burn can happen.

There were over 150 children at least, in the classroom where we taught. Emma acted out scenarios, such as burning herself whilst cooking or catching her candle on a mosquito net whilst Catherine taught the children how they should respond. The children roared with laughter at Emma’s theatrical skills and they were all really keen to take to the stage and have a go themselves when Catherine asked for some volunteers to help. At the end of the session it was great to hear the children all shouting “stop, drop and roll” in Swahili when they were asked what they should do if they were caught by fire.

When we returned home later, we were met with the rest of the team and an amazing dinner prepared by Frida, the house-keeper. She’d prepared lots of wonderful local food and we had a great night reflecting on the past events of the week and watching some of the footage filmed so far by the film crew, David and Dom.