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Day five - What a difference a day makes

Friday, 27 November, 2015
Day five – What a difference a day makes

There is still no electricity or water this morning – and now there are some interesting hairstyles starting to appear amongst the group!

Meg and Catherine are first to be up and out today as they have been invited to teach nurses about the importance of hand hygiene. Catherine has brought a glow box which uses a UV light to show any remaining bacteria on a person’s hands after washing them.

In theatres, Liam and Dr Kondo were about to make history once again as they prepared to undertake the first ever day case surgery. They had met with the patients the day before and discussed their surgery and the plan to discharge them on the same day. The concept of going home on the same day after an operation seemed a little confusing and worrying for the patients as they were so used to having to stay in hospital after any operation. However, the two surgeons had explained the procedure thoroughly and explained how going home the same day would actually reduce risk of infection, help them to become mobile and feel much better, sooner. The fact they could return to their family later that day seemed to reassure and comfort them.  

The surgery went really well and even made the local news – this was a big step forward for KCMC and Tanzania! Later in the day, we went along to the ward to visit one of the patients before she was discharged and it was incredible to see her sitting up in bed looking happy and in very little pain. Her family soon arrived through the door and they all seemed amazed at how she looked and the fact that she was able to go home with them straight away.

It was fantastic to watch healthcare in Tanzania be transformed by that one operation and see the patient go home with her family. The delight on Liam and Dr Kondo’s face certainly summed up their thoughts about the day’s events. 

To further increase on the successes of the day, Catherine and Meg’s  training had gone very well too. KCMC asked if they could acquire a Glow Box as they wanted to teach this on a regular basis- great progress! Adrian Taylor, Consultant Anaesthetist, and Kirsty McVay, Theatre Nurse, had made great  progress in their operating theatre too. They met two doctors, Dr Kaino (head of anaesthesia) and Emmanuel (surgical registrar) who were proactive and keen to learn. This was despite being under much pressure (Dr Kaino had managed anaesthesia’s across 6 operating theatres simultaneously and somehow found time to administer anaesthesia on the ward to support the burns nurses too!). Getting them involved in the burns project would help to bring the much needed skills, drive and determination to make a functioning well prepared burns unit seem like a very good possibility.

We’re all feeling in much higher spirits following today’s events and to make us feel even better, the water and electrify returns at last ….what a difference a day makes!