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Day eight – Planning for the future

Friday, 27 November, 2015
Day eight – Planning for the future

Liam and Dr Kondo were up and out early this morning to meet with KCMC’s CEO, Dr Masenga. They were meeting to discuss current and future plans for the laparoscopic project. With the first day case operation being a huge success, KCMC were incredibly excited about what this could lead to. Patients staying for one day would help save the hospital and the patient money, time and resources which would be hugely beneficial for everyone. It seems the laparoscopic project still has so much it can do to help KCMC and the future of it is still very, very exciting.

Meanwhile the burns team were either in theatre undertaking final planned operations or presenting in a burns symposium, held by Northumbria. Seeing the team weave in and out of projects, clinical and academic, was testament to their skills and ability to handle multiple situations and prioritise their work.        

Over 40 people attended the symposium, some of whom had travelled from miles away, to learn more about caring for burns. The symposium covered prevention, treatment and after-care of burns to give a comprehensive programme of care. Mohammed Farid, surgical registrar, taught about fluid resuscitation and Jerome Marshall, clinical psychologist, spoke about recovering from trauma for example so that the audience could benefit from learning about a wide range of elements involved in the healing process.