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The day of the Burns Symposium had arrived

Friday, 04 July, 2014
The day of the Burns Symposium had arrived

The day of the Burns Symposium had arrived. The team assembled in the lecture room ready to begin. However a data projector and laptop had to be found at the last minute so that the presentations could begin. Electricity was still hit and miss with at one point the lights going out and air conditioning coming on. However, everyone was glad to be able to charge mobile phones after two days without electricity. More than 40 people attended the symposium including representatives from local and national television and radio so that the messages from the symposium could be widely spread. Surgeon Jeremy Rawlins took a short break from theatre to deliver an inspirational lecture about the importance of early surgical intervention for acute burns, to prevent the development of disabling scarring and contractures which he had seen at KCMC throughout the week.

Katie Piper gave her final talk to an engrossed audience just before dashing back to pack for the airport after a busy four-day schedule visiting local schools and hospitals. After the event the feedback forms were collected and many of the participants wrote about Katie’s inspirational talk. One commented “life can change anytime, but the most important is I should not lose hope”.