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Day 8 - Launch day

Monday, 05 March, 2018
Day 8 – Launch day

The 10th national laparoscopic course got underway today with over 50 medical professionals and students in attendance for all 3 days. The event was eagerly awaited in Tanzania and the national press arrived to document the training, and report on the ground breaking introduction of day case surgery.

Consultant Surgeon Mr Liam Horgan opened the course with a presentation on the history of Laparoscopic surgery and its development through the years, before the attendees split into two groups. The surgeons stayed in the main hall for theoretical presentations, while the nurses went to the air-conditioned boardroom to learn about the equipment, its use and maintenance.

Having spent two months in Tanzania before the rest of the team arrived, Kirsty McVay was thrilled to see her training of the nurses had paid off, as theatre nurse Patrick … answered their questions with ease, and during the practical session had one of the fastest times in the polo stacking challenge.

What’s more, for the first time in the 10 years the course has been running, two nurses from KCMC assisted in the training, Sisters Catherine Kampambe and Mbise Neemli demonstrated how to set up and dismantle the surgical tools.