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Day 10 - Penultimate day

Wednesday, 07 March, 2018
Day 10 – Penultimate day

Our penultimate day at KCMC provided all team members with a true sense of accomplishment, and the realisation that sadly our time in Tanzania was nearly at and end.

Julie’s expertise in bed management thrilled Director of Nursing Brenda Kitali as she identified a number of patients awaiting discharge. It was hoped that identifying available bed space may provide an option to spending their stay in hospital on canvas beds.

The laparoscopic team continued the training of KCMC’s medical students and residents, with Mr Horgan overseeing another four procedures.

Sam had provided the tools for the staff in medical records to continue developing the programme to digitalise their files, with the hope that new systems would soon be in place.

HENE fellow Melody Schofield was delighted to be invited back to continue her work with Dr Decker, and teach KCMC’s staff how to perform EEG scans.