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Babies’ first Christmases

Thursday, 03 July, 2014
Babies’ first Christmases

The little bundles of joy from the baby boom among the staff in the maternity unit at Wansbeck General Hospital came together today to celebrate their first Christmases.

A total of seven midwives, a consultant and a secretary have given birth over the last few months.

They were midwives Amanda Johnson, Suzanne Whittaker, Sarah Scott, Laura Radford, Louise Slater, Jenny Gregory and Paula Headen and consultant Elaine Simpson and secretary Joanne Linley.

Pictured are (left to right) Joanne Linley and Leia, Elaine Simpson and Gregor, Amanda Johnson and Haydon, Sarah Scott and Isla, Jenny Gregory and Molly and Laura Radford and Maisie who all gave birth in Wansbeck General Hospital.