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Achieving great results and setting budgets

Thursday, 04 December, 2014
Achieving great results and setting budgets

The team set off for the hospital trudging through the mud caused by last night’s rains. Catherine and Meg call in to see the electric burns patient in intensive care and were pleased to find his cheeky sense of humour still intact. Once his pain medication had been adjusted and dressings checked it was clear that he was very comfortable. Over to his right it was lovely to see the little girl with the tummy burn sitting smiling on her bed. Quite a different child to the last time when we had tried everything to distract her when changing her dressings. Now, one week later, she was ready to be discharged home. A great result! First on the theatre list was a man who had been knocked over by a car and suffered friction burns causing damage to his left hand and right elbow. It took some time in theatre to free up the elbow and apply skin grafts so that he could fully extend his arm. This would make such a difference to his mobility, enabling him to return to work and earn a living to support his family. The second case was a five year old girl who had suffered injuries from the open cooking fire. Although some of her injuries had healed well, her left arm was bent at the elbow by scar tissue and needed releasing. Once recovered from the operation she would be able to go out to play with her friends and once again hold a pencil to do her homework. It is amazing how surgery can transform lives. With the others in theatre, Catherine and Peter returned to the school of nursing to deliver training about emergency management of burns to the nurse students. Meanwhile Jo is also at the school of nursing delivering teaching in financial management. The students were broken up into groups to consider preparing a treatment plan and costing for three separate fictitious patients. They each had to prepare a budget for approval by one of the group members who was nominated to be the director of finance- much to their surprise. With funding so limited for the hospital often difficult decisions would have to be taken. The electricity was still off which made it difficult to prepare teaching for the day ahead. It seems as though we have to go back to a whiteboard and pens!  We have a long night ahead of us to transfer lecture notes onto flip charts.