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Meet our Nurses and Midwives

Lucy Robson

Saturday 22nd April, 2017

Sister, Ward 12 (respiratory), The Northumbria hospital

When The Northumbria hospital opened I wanted the opportunity to work in a new emergency hospital as I felt this would give me the chance to further my career.

I have always wanted to work with people and I feel like nursing is a very rewarding career. I also feel that there are so many different avenues that you can work in within nursing, and so much to learn and develop within yourself.

I love working in a new hospital, as we are a unique service. We have 24-hour care including consultants, doctors and nurses that are there if you need them at any time.

Working on a ward that is so close to critical care and sharing the same matron has given me the opportunity to book onto courses that interest myself and that will benefit the ward such as: immediate life support course and foundations of critical care course which I will be doing to work towards my masters.

I have done my mentorship course which has enabled me to work with students and newly-qualified nurses who are doing their preceptorship. I have completed my respiratory essentials course and look forward to completing my foundations of critical care course. I also hope to complete a leadership and management course.

Sharon Harrison

Saturday 22nd April, 2017

Sister, coronary care and Ward 10 at The Northumbria hospital

My team is what I love most about working at Northumbria. I’ve always loved being part of a team. Ward 10 is a fantastic place to work. Given the challenges we face, it’s really important we all pull together and help each other out.

I have been able to do my mentorship qualification in 2007 and recently completed my degree. My manager supported me throughout my degree and study time was granted – some students on my course were there in their own time.

I enjoy the teaching and educational aspect of my role. Myself and my manager, Julie Appleby, are currently in the process of developing a structured training programme within cardiology to support and train staff members.

Lesley O’Kane

Friday 22nd April, 2016

Matron for medicine and governance

During my time here, Northumbria has given me many opportunities to develop both personally and professionally and I have been supported to attend many management, leadership and clinical courses.

Initially I undertook a specialist nursing course which required many hours of clinical support from my physician colleagues. This was followed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement’s leading improvement in patient safety course which allowed me to develop my interest in improvement methodology and governance. This led to me being involved in the reducing harm team which set up many patient safety projects which helped reduced patient harm and won a number of regional and national patient safety awards for the trust.

On a personal level it also gave me the opportunity to network at a national level and gain confidence in change management skills. Recently, I have been supported by the trust to gaining a master’s degree in professional practice in healthcare.

I have had many other opportunities for development and many years of support from nursing, clinician and managerial colleagues within the trust to develop my professional expertise.

Northumbria is a very forward-thinking organisation that genuinely welcomes innovation in the workforce and actively encourages those who seek diversity and new experiences within their career pathways.

Rachel Wade

Monday 18th April, 2016

Senior sister on critical care at The Northumbria hospital

I was a student nurse between 1996 and 1999 and worked as a bank auxiliary nurse for the last two years while undertaking my registered nurse training on various wards within North Tyneside General Hospital.

After qualifying in 1999, I worked as a staff nurse on the cardiology and gynaecology wards at North Tyneside hospital. I joined the intensive care unit at North Tyneside hospital as a staff nurse in 2000 and I have progressed to senior staff nurse then junior sister to senior sister. Our entire department moved to The Northumbria Hospital in June 2015

I became a nurse at the age 22 as I was looking for a career that would provide me with plenty of opportunities in various roles. I wanted a career that involves utilising my personal skills, developing clinical skills, continuing my higher education, and with good career prospects.

I feel very lucky to have my job, I enjoy work, it is a constantly changing environment, and it is a privilege to help and care for people during what is often the most difficult time of their lives.

The people I work with is what I love most about nursing at Northumbria. I work within a fantastic team; we strive to offer the best for our patients. We constantly evaluate ourselves as a team to learn and improve things for our patients’ journeys and experiences.

Nurses, the matron, junior doctors, consultants, physios, nursing assistants, pharmacists, ward clerks, domestics, the outreach team – we all work so well together. We are able to contribute our thoughts/ideas/concerns to help improve and develop our service, whilst providing the best care we can for our patients.

I feel valued as an employee. These are the reasons I have stayed within this trust for 19 years.

I have developed my career at Northumbria from staff nurse to senior sister.

Academically I have continued higher education, gaining BSc in Nursing Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Practice Development (Coronary Care). Adult Critical Care/Foundations Critical Care/Mentorship at University of Northumbria

I have attended numerous conferences, trained in advanced life support and in transfer of the critically ill and completed an NHS leadership programme.

It was an amazing opportunity to be one of the lead nurses involved with the planning/design of our critical care unit at the new Northumbria hospital. As part of a team with another senior sister, a matron and two consultants, we were privileged to have so much input in the design of our fantastic critical care unit.

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