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ITQ guide

An Invitation to Quote (ITQ) is issued through the tendering portal and aims to make lower value opportunities more visible for all businesses.

Providing quotations to the trust can be a really easy way to win business. If you are fully registered on Due North e-tendering portal, you can be approached to provide a quotation for the goods or services you have indicated you can provide.

Here are some tips to help you to win the business:

  • Firstly, always make sure you respond to a request for quotation – this will give a good impression of your business.
  • Buyers are looking for realistic costs with a reasonable quality expectation. The request for quotation should include the full specification of what’s required. Queries will be dealt with by the procurement officer named in the documents – however, we will usually request the submission of all queries via the electronic tendering system so that responses are available to all suppliers providing a quotation.
  • The key to winning the business is to know how your competitors are pricing, but remember that undercutting does not always lead to future business. Think about your business and ensure that your quote is sustainable.
  • If you don’t think you can provide the goods or services to the required standard at that time, then write and explain why you are unable to provide a quotation. Ask to be kept in mind for the next opportunity.
  • Present your quotation well, make sure you check spellings and grammar – professionalism and quality are the key messages you want to get across.
  • Include any brochures and printed literature you use to promote your business and make sure your quotation arrives by the deadline given on the portal.

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If you are registered, we can approach you for a quotation for your services.

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