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The purpose of evaluation is to identify which bid in a process offers the most economically advantageous tender based on the criteria specified in the invitation to tender or quote document.

All public bodies are bound by the same EU rules and regulations which state that tenders must always list the evaluation criteria and the relative weightings in relation to the contract (including if an interview process will be involved) and will also give an indication as to the % weighting of price vs quality balance of the overall score. For example, price 60% / quality 40%.

We only use criteria within the tender documents to evaluate tender submissions, and all tenders are treated equally and transparently. Tender submissions cannot be scored against criteria that are not listed in the tender documentation.

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We will use fair evaluation to identify which bid best meets the criteria given during the tender or invitation to quote process.

Price criteria

Costs should always be considered based on the whole life cost (wlc) involved with the goods / works / services to be procured. Whole life costs comprise of all costs to the trust of acquiring, owning, maintaining and disposing of goods, services or works.

Quality criteria

Quality criteria represents the key issues for consideration when assessing the suitability of the bid proposal. The list below provides an indication of the types of criteria that may be included. These will vary dependent on the goods / services / works being procured.

  • Technical merit
  • Aesthetic and functional characteristics
  • Sustainability
  • Added social value
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Running costs
  • Cost effectiveness
  • After sales services
  • Technical assistance
  • Delivery date, delivery period and period of completion

Key principle of evaluation

All tender or quotation evaluations are undertaken in a fair manner. This means each bid receives equal treatment and assessment and scores will be applied consistently.

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