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A Northumberland man has successfully quit smoking after almost 60 years.

Friday, 23 October, 2020
A Northumberland man has successfully quit smoking after almost 60 years.

John Streener, from Newbiggin-on-Sea, quit this year with support from the Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service. Staff supported him with a personal quit plan, including prescription treatments to help beat cravings.

John said: “I enjoy thinking of myself as a non-smoker and I can feel the benefits already.


“I was tired of coughing and being out of breath all the time. Now I can breathe much more easily and walk much further than I used to be able to manage, without having to keep stopping.”


He was advised to stop smoking because he needed knee surgery and quitting would help with the healing process.


“I would recommend anyone who is thinking of quitting to contact the Stop Smoking Service. I couldn’t have done it on my own, but the support I had with the medication and from the advisors helped me to finally stop smoking for good.


The Northumberland NHS Stop Smoking Service is provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of Northumberland County Council.


Northumberland County Councillor Veronica Jones, portfolio holder for adults’ wellbeing said: “We know that smokers are more likely to stop smoking successfully if they receive support so I would encourage people to take advantage of the range of free support available to them in Northumberland.”


Judith Stonebridge, public health consultant at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Even if you’ve smoked for years it’s never too late to quit. Quitting brings benefits and reduces your risks of smoking-related illnesses at any age


“We can offer support and advice online, which can help improve your chances of success, and you can chat one to one with our stop smoking service advisors to discuss the best options for you.”


The Northumberland Stop Smoking Service offers telephone consultations with NHS Stop Smoking Service advisors to help people decide on the best evidence-based treatment and provide them with a personalised support package. This includes free support and advice to smokers and e-cigarette users, as well as prescription treatments to help beat cravings.