2017 – International Leadership Fellows

Northumbria healthcare is invested in the development of senior leaders from within our own organisation. Every year we run a bespoke strategic leadership development programme, to ensure we are continuously nurturing our future leaders.

Brenda Longstaff (Head of International partnerships) created ‘The toolkit for the collection of evidence of knowledge and skills gained through participation in an international health project’ so participants could display the numerous benefits of taking part in international volunteering to their employers.

Taking advantage of the pre-existing relationship with KCMC, in November 2017 Northumbria launched the international leadership programme. The first NHS trust to do so.

Following a rigorous selection process, Julie Hogarth (Manager of temporary staffing) and Samantha Davidson (Deputy Group manager) were selected as the first two leadership fellows to participate in the team activity in February 2018.

Using her 13 years of experience as a trust wide bed manager, Julie conducted an audit into bed blocking at KCMC, with the aim of gaining a wider understanding why overcapacity is a regular and reoccurring problem at KCMC.

While Samantha Davidson began a project of digitalising KCMC’s medical records, to create an easier, more efficient and space saving solution for storing and retrieving patient information.

Both Julie and Sam benefited greatly from their experiences in Tanzania and have since returned to work with new ideas and new skills.

Julie Hogarth “I am very grateful that I was given this opportunity, feel extremely privileged and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to KCMC with the Team.  Going forward, my Leadership skills will differ due to this valuable experience, as my priorities have significantly changed, my tolerance levels to certain situations have now altered, which in turn, should prevent wasting time and resources and I will cherish everything I usually take for granted.”

Samantha Davidson “I feel very humbled by my experience at KCMC, it allowed me to see the important role we all play in healthcare services, from clinicians to managers and admin staff to the porters and domestics”.