2016 – Partnership with HEE NE

Since 2016 Northumbria healthcare has worked with Health Education England North East to provide doctors in training with a unique opportunity. Each November a small number of successful candidates join the Northumbria team at KCMC to deliver teaching and training to third year medical students at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College.

Travelling across to Tanzania provides these doctors with a once in a life time opportunity to gain important global health experience as part of a well-structured and well supported international project.

Through the years we have had participants from a range of specialities, from GPs to psychiatrists, general surgeons and anaesthetists; all those involved have taken something beneficial from this experience to benefit their professional practice in the NHS.

By working in a resource poor environment, where new challenges arise almost hourly these trainees are given exposure to life outside the NHS, helping them gain important leadership and resilience skills.

Professor Namita Kumar (Postgraduate Dean of HEE NE) explains that the programme “Provides an innovative opportunity to expose our doctors in training to deliver teaching in an unfamiliar environment. This has meant they have learned to think differently about how they manage situations. It also allows them to experience healthcare in other settings, and bring these skills back to the patients of the North East. This is proving attractive for recruitment as well as helping retention’’

Our work with HEE NE continues to generate positive feedback as well as inspiring trainees to further their international work.

Dr Sudeshna Sar who participated in the programme in 2017, was the first GP to provide teaching and training to Moshi districts community health workers, who collectively look after 8000 people in 15 villages.  Following the success of her first visit Dr Sar visited KCMC twice in 2018 to further develop a community health programme and begin teaching on the importance of nutrition.

2017 participant – “I have always reflected on how fortunate we are to have the NHS and the service it provides. I have been a doctor and a patient and believe that it is one of the best health services that could be provided by any country I have worked in so far. When you go to work in places i.e. KCMC this thought gets even more consolidated and makes you wonder what they could achieve if they had the resources that we have.”