2013 – Burns Management

It is known that across Tanzania many people, especially young children, may experience severe burns due to accidents at home. Often the burn wounds may be very serious and leave people with permanent disfigurement and disability.

In 2011 Northumbria Healthcare began to work with doctors and nurses at KCMC to develop specialised healthcare services for people with burns.

Over the next two years the teams worked together to improve nursing treatment methods and provide better outcomes for patients.

Since 2013 plastic surgeon, Jeremy Rawlins from Royal Perth Hospital Australia has visited KCMC to provide teaching and training in reconstructive surgery to surgeons and registrars in the Surgical Department.

People often travel from across Tanzania to be assessed for surgery. For many, a successful operation means that they are able to live a life free from disability.

In 2016 KCMC opened Tanzania’s first dedicated Burns Unit and now doctors and nurses from across Tanzania travel to KCMC for training.

<em>Jeremy Rawlins “It has been a great pleasure to work alongside the dedicated staff at KCMC to develop the burns service. Much progress has been made since my first visit to KCMC in 2013 and we shall continue to mentor, train and teach multidisciplinary burn care here in Moshi – driving towards the very best outcomes for all burns patients”</em>