2012 – A whole-hospital approach

Our partnership prides itself on taking a comprehensive, whole-hospital, approach and so, as well as working with KCMC to develop clinical services, we also work with other key departments, such as the catering and domestics service. Helping to improve these services has led to huge changes in the hospital overall by improving food and hygiene standards and supporting efforts to prevent and control infection, for example.

Effective laundry/linen management in hospitals is extremely important as it helps to reduce wastage of resources and risks compromising clinical outcomes.


I was given the opportunity to come and work with the staff and patients at KCMC as the first non-clinical support manager. An area I am passionate about, as, Estates & Facilities business is often understated and undervalued; however, it is the linchpin of any organisation that has significant infrastructures and multidisciplinary operational systems. It’s my job to deliver a seamless service to support the clinical business in the management of patient care”.

Veronica Gingell, General Manager in Estates & Facilities at the trust, and project lead for this programme of work.


Taking place over many years, we have undertaken significant reviews of operational protocols within catering and domestic services and continue to carry out regular audits of kitchen equipment and facilities. We have not only supported the re-development of the hospital kitchen and laundry facility but improved food storage and safety and trained hundreds of staff in new practices and protocols.


Through our work together, we have strengthened and supported the development of these services, meeting quality standards. Today, these departments play an integral role in helping to ensure that the clinical management of the patient is at the standard expected by the hospital.