2009 – Medical Electives

We have been providing medical elective opportunities at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for undergraduate medical students at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) since 2003.

Over the years more than 60 students have benefitted this opportunity.  They generally stay for 2 months from mid-May to mid-July and are attached to various departments within Northumbria depending on their interests.

As well as being attached to clinical departments and attending outpatients, ward rounds and operating theatres etc., they also partake in the student teaching along with our own students.

They have commented over the years about how this gives them exposure to different types of teaching such as patients being involved in teaching the students about their condition.

Clinically, they gain exposure to conditions that they would not be familiar with at home and also to different management that is available, e.g. joint replacements.

During their time with us they also get to meet people within the Trust and UK medical students and get to see the local area as well as travelling further afield.  The feedback has been universally positive.

Many of the elective students who have joined us at Northumbria have gone on to become heads of their departments.