2008 – Physiotherapy

Northumbria began to support the development of physiotherapy in 2001, when Boniface Temu and Fraymond Mayunga travelled to Northumbria for a clinical observership. Upon completion Boniface and Fraymond were enrolled to Northumbria University to undertake a Master’s degree in physiotherapy. Graduating in 2003 they returned to KCMC to assist with the development of a BSc Physiotherapy degree course- the first in Tanzania.

Professor Ieuan Ellis from Northumbria University, who had built strong relationships with Boniface and Fraymond during their studies in the UK, worked alongside KCMC to develop the curriculum.

The course began in 2006 with Boniface and Fraymond as Course leaders and since that first cohort of students graduated in 2008, over 200 physiotherapists joined Tanzania’s health service.

Boniface Temu “The collaboration laid a cornerstone in the development of physiotherapy at degree level. The support of Northumbria changed the status and dignity of the physiotherapy profession country wide. I register my appreciation on behalf of all physiotherapists in Tanzania”

Professor Ellis “I feel truly privileged to have engaged in the development of the new physiotherapy degree programme at KCMC, initially through supporting physiotherapy teachers to achieve their masters in the UK and then subsequently visiting and working alongside the staff at KCMC college to develop the new curriculum. I am immensely proud that the new degree now ensures that physiotherapists graduating from KCMC are better educated and equipped with the skills needed to deliver effective, evidence based healthcare to benefit the people of Tanzania.