2006 – Central sterile supplies department

Sister Lillian Broatch worked with the Matron of the hospital and the Heads of the Theatre and Sterile Supplies Department between 2003 and 2012. During that time there were steady advancements to the way the departments operated.

Sister Broatch worked with the nurses to introduce a series of daily tests for the sterilisation service to ensure that equipment was functioning properly to clean the surgical instruments.

Theatres now have an instrument tracing system, so that they can check when the instruments are used and sterilised.

The theatre instrument trays are set up for each different type of procedure and there are no last minute delays because an important surgical instrument is missing from the pack.

Lillian Broatch “Over my many visits to KCMC I saw nurses working with limited resources and facilities. However they do a fantastic job each day making services safer for patients. They have great dedication to their profession. KCMC can certainly be proud of their nurses. On a personal level I have been deeply touched by the many wonderful people I have worked with. I’ve definitely made some friends for life”