2005 – Ultrasound

In 2003 Northumbria Healthcare launched a pilot scheme to train doctors and nurses in Tanzania in ultrasound screening. Trust sonographers Judith Cobb and Patricia Atwell travelled to Tanzania to provide training at KCMC.

Dr Pendo Mlay, Head of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at KCMC, ensured that the training was given to doctors and midwives at KCMC.

Northumbria donated portable ultrasound machines so that Dr Mlay could also provide training at Kibosho and Bomong’ombe hospitals. On the very first day of training, a young Masaai lady attended for a scan. She found out that she was carrying twins!

Two years later an ultrasound short course was introduced and accredited by KCM College. This course has gone on to train thousands of healthcare professionals from Tanzania and beyond.

Northumbria consultant obstetrician Richard Sill explained “Since the project started, lives have been saved, thanks to doctors and nurses working with remote communities in Tanzania. Tanzanian women are now more aware of the risks involved in childbirth and if complications arise they are close to hospitals for delivery of their babies. Ultrasound has made such a difference”

Professor Oneko “We have now caught up; we know how the babies are doing, whether there is a twin pregnancy or intrauterine pregnancy. The training has also ensured all those who pass through the department of obstetrics are trained in ultrasound”.

“When we first started ultrasound courses for doctors and midwives back in 2003, everyone found it very strange. We were used to sending all pregnant women in need of an ultrasound to the radiology department; it was as if all obstetrics and gynaecology scans were to be done by radiologists. This put the radiology department under a huge strain and patients were booked well in advance for a simple ultrasound. Thanks to the collaboration between Northumbria and KCMC now all pregnant women receive free obstetric ultrasound scans and all doctors and midwives have received the necessary training. Northumbria has also donated more than 5 ultrasound scanners since 2003 to KCMC, Kibosho and Bomong’ombe (Hai) hospitals. The collaboration enabled us to abide to the WHO policy of making sure pregnant women receive at least one scan during the course of their pregnancy”


Donated Scanners to KCMC