2004 – Theatre Nurse Training

Nurse empowerment has been a longstanding goal of both Northumbria Healthcare and KCMC since the partnership began in 1999. From the beginning, nurses from KCMC and Northumbria have worked together to deliver best practice for their patients.

Every year Northumbria nurses travel to Tanzania to spend time with their counterparts and provide training in the areas of infection prevention and control, theatre procedure and burns care.

In 2004 Sister Lillian Broatch delivered a week of specialised theatre training and working with Sister Sue Thompson contributed to the introduction of laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery to KCMC.

Throughout the years we have worked together to introduce a number of new processes to theatres, such as the WHO surgical safety checklist and introduction of a surgical instrument traceability system.

Currently our two institutions are working closely together to train a new generation of theatre nurses about the set up and maintenance of laparoscopic equipment.

Sue Thompson “Working with people of a different culture, beliefs and attitudes has enhanced not only my work back home but my life personally. The friends I have made will remain forever”