2002 – Occupational Therapy

One of the earliest collaborations between Northumbria Healthcare and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre was the development of Occupational Therapy.

According to the national disability survey, Tanzania has a disabled population of over 5 3 million people. KCMC’s rehabilitation services are therefore under great pressure to cope with such a large number of patients.

Between 2002 and 2004, staff from Northumbria visited KCMC to deliver teaching on sensory integration, stroke rehabilitation and research to the Occupational Therapy students.

Sarah Mkenda, Head of Occupational Therapy training at KCMC, visited Northumbria in 2002 where she spent time working with the therapists at North Tyneside General hospital and in the community where she learned a lot about rehabilitation services in the West. Just being newly qualified in 2001 and among the first Tanzanians to train in Occupational Therapy, this was a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge and skills learned in the programme. It is obvious this gained experience  added a lot of credit into what the OT profession is today in Tanzania.

Now Sarah is Course Leader for the Occupational Therapy diploma programme at KCM College.

In 2017, Simon Mallya, Head of OT clinical department at KCMC, visited Northumbria Healthcare for a Professional Fellowship.  During this time he was exposed to working in an acute stroke ward and a specialised Burns Unit. He also observed the health care provided for elderly patients as they left hospital and returned to the community.